Why kitesurf?
It is not too often that as adults we are able to learn something completely new, in this case it is something new and amazing.

Is strength required? 
You will be surprised that kitesurfing does not require a lot of strength. The kite is hooked to your harness belt so you can steer the kite with just your fingers. 

Can women kitesurf?
We are teaching as many women as men now. 

What about Children?
Children can learn but may not have the patience for a technical sport, it is more a question of desire than ability. 12 is a good age if they have the interest.

If I surf/wakeboard/snowboard/ski/skateboard will kitesurfing be easy?
This is certainly help as boardriding is one part of kitesurfing, but the kite is key.

I sail/windsurf/paraglide/fly stunt kites/ will this help?
Windsports is a great background for kitesurfing.

What if I have no similar sports background?
Actually, as kitesurfing is quite unique, you don't need any special background for learning the sport.  Some of my best students had a background in balance sports like yoga and breakdancing, or hand eye coordination like video games. It also has appeal to airline pilots and IT techies, due to its technical nature. Enterprenuers like it due to the challenge and thrills.. Kitesurfing can be learned and enjoyed by any and all.

How long does it take?
We teach the complete course in 6 hours. This is pretty intensive and afterwards some are able to buy a kite and go it alone from that point forward, some take another 3 hr lesson, and some rent a kite and we supervise them and give tips.

What about advanced lessons?
A good plan is to take the complete course, buy a kite and practice, then take another lesson after some time using your own kite.  There are other ways but this works well.

How is the kite community in SoCal?
We have a super-friendly diverse kite community. 
All Local Kiters Should Join the free Local Kiting Association: SCKA.org
Our mission is to keep kiting safe and the beaches open to kiting. I am on the board and conduct the safety clinics and also train and interface with the lifeguards from all beaches in the area. Also join our facebook to keep informed.


How-to info
Safe Kiting

Kite Info
Kiting Facts history etc
Bow Kite vs C Kite

Where to Kite
(No Waves)
Belmont Shore
Mission Bay 

Intermediate Riding
(upwind riding - waves)
Seal Beach
Rat Beach Torrance
Newport Beach
Lake Elsinore

Advanced Riding
(big waves/current)
Sunset Beach
Silver Strand
Huntington Beach

​Cabrillo - gusty
​Leo Carillo - gusty,kelp
Topanga - rocky
Zuma - surf, rip, crowds

Our mission statement: Ride, jump, kiss the sky!

Our Program:
1. Weekly pizza and kitevideo sessions.
2. Ride alerts where to meet spot when the wind blows.
3. Monthly downwinder BBQ.
4. Monthly exotic Kite trips.
5. Contribute to & be in  kite movies.
6. Expand horizons with SUP, surfing, sailing, snowkiting, and other adventures.
7. Free instructor tips.
8. Special kiteclub gear deals.
9. Open to all levels to enjoy and improve and ride.
10. We support keeping the beaches open to kiting in cooperation with the SCKA!

We are ranked #2!
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