New, Used, Demo, and Clearance: We see a lot of gear on ebay or craigslist cheap because its outdated, bad sizes, or damaged. Buy from a trusted source who is local.

Our students get our "employee pricing" our way of saying "Thank you"! 
 To take advantage of this offer contact Rob at NO LIMIT KITEBOARDING916-752-9623  Rob is our friend and expert source here: Great Service/Low Overhead/Huge Selection.  Once you have your gear then please set up your new gear near us and we will help you set it up and show it off!

This basic info is based on common questions we are asked. For more advance info on kites we recommend visiting kite reviews such as at kite reviews.

How much is a kite setup?  
You will need kite/bag/bar/lines (known as kite complete) plus harness and leash, plus board complete with pads/straps/fins/handle.  Figure used kites complete about $500 and used board about $300 and harness leash are hard to find used but maybe $200 for both, so $1000 more or less. Double this price for new. Kites will last a long time so try to spend as much as you can afford. Also the technology is changing, so get at least 08 or newer is best. Probably spend at least $500 or your kite will be junk.

Which brand is best?
There are over 50 brands of kites and they all have their small differences. A major brand as it will be easier to resell and should have some effort into the design and quality.

Should I get a cheap kite at first so I can thrash it? 
Not really.  If you take lessons you will be in control and not be having kite repairs, so do it right from the start with lessons it will save you time and money in the end, and the frustration and downtime of having your kite repaired. If you need local kite repairs the go to guy here is John Fitzgerald, 714-329-0772

How much are repairs? 
Small holes do not affect performance and a cheap stickon bike patch can stop it from spreading. Rips can be done the same way but for big damage you might get a professional repair. Costs are estimated here by Fix My Kite Repairs. Figure about $100 for huge rip, $30 to fix leaking valve and $50 to find & fix bladder leak.

Which kite, entry level or performance?
Entry level will be cheaper and also have in general better relaunch, more depower, shorter lines, and stiffer leading edge.  You will not be an 'expert' for a while make it easy on yourself if you have a choice.

What board  and kite size for me?
Bigger will get you more time riding if wind is light, but too big is hard to handle and depower.  Medium kite and big board is the best for starting out.  Look for not just long but wide. 12 meters is the normal size for average adult. 9 for women. Adjust up or down for weight and how windy the area.  A bigger board is better for learning. Later you you can get a second smaller board and keep the first for lightwind days.

Waist or seat harness?
Trust me you will want a seat harness at first. Waist harness will ride up to your chest and make it hard to depower as the bar is too far away.  If you don't like the seat look but want to look cool get the Dakine or Liquid Force Swimsuit with seat harness under, but less padding for sure. Ocean Rodeo makes one with leg straps that can be removed, so that's a nice option.

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